Four new books

Clockwise from lower-left:

Mu Xin, An Empty Room, Stories.  Translated from the Chinese by Toming Jun Liu. $13.95 US/$16.50 CAN.  ISBN: 978-0-8112-1922-8

Murial Spark, Curriculum Vitae, Memoir. $14.95 US/$17.50 CAN.  ISBN: 978-0-8112-1923-5

Michael Palmer, Thread, Poetry $15.95 US/$18.50 CAN.  ISBN: 978-0-8112-1921-1

Enrique Vila-Matas, Never Any End to Paris, Novel. Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean $15.95 US/$18.50 CAN.  ISBN: 978-0-8112-1813-9

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